The experience of a spa care
Slimming & relaxing

The Watermass combines the millennia benefits of warm water, essential oils, to an enjoyable and powerful modelling.

Well being

The care is very gentle and relaxing. Jets of warm water dripping on the body and essential oils provide a pleasant feeling.

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Watermass technology for a slimming care


The process helps to fight against cellulite and fat deposits in various stages of the treatment.

Defibrosis action : decongestion of fat deposits, tonicity, firming recovery and stimulation of fibroblasts.

Circulatory action : activates the release of fat, destocking, oxygenation, elimination process.

This specific protocol helps to smooth the orange skin effect and to reshape the silhouette; it also tends to improve the quality and elasticity of the skin.

Watermass Performance for your body


Combination of a modelling with essential oils, effusion of a sea or thermal water, and the benefits of chromotherapy.

This treatment combines the effects of active and rapid Limpho-aesthetic modelling of cellulite and localized fat, a truly relaxing effect after each session.

This real feeling of well-being is reflected in the results, these are the advantages of this innovative care on the market today.

Exclusiveness of a slimming care with essentials oils and warm water


This synergy of water-modelling, warm water, essential oils, and chromotherapy stands really care palpate-roll on the market today and sometimes «over» represented by some Spa institutes.

You offer in that sense to your clients an alternative to what is actually proposed by your competitors with a unique and pleasant care.


With the Watermass, the care of body and face, men and women, flesh out your care offer and give SPA dimension to your institute or hotel. The softness of this treatment allows close sessions. It allows you to create «slimness treatments» assuring you your customer’s loyalty and expanding your own business.

The Watermass slimming treatment See the video demo

Slimming care adjustment :

  • Step 1 : Filling with essential oil
    Step 1 :
    Filling with essential oil
  • Step 2 : Warm water adjustment
    Step 2 :
    Warm water adjustment
  • Step 3 : Vacuum power adjustment
    Step 3 :
    Vacuum power adjustment
  • Step 4 : Beginning of the treatment
    Step 4 :
    Beginning of the treatment
Watermass modelling head

Ease of use

The Watermass is designed with a commitment to ergonomics and comfort, both for the well-being of the client but also for the user that works effortlessly and keeping dry during slimming treatment. The light head can be manipulated with one hand thereby maintaining throughout the care a manual contact with the body of the client. It also allows following up many alternative and circulatory movements without recess for attacking fibrosis with intensity and comfort.

Well being

The slimming treatment is very gentle and relaxing. Jets of warm water dripping on the body and essential oils provide a pleasant feeling of warmth and well-being. The Watermass head makes gently to roll the formed fold skin.

Watermass for a slimming care


Warm water, it could be sea water, thermal water or sweet water.

Essential oils

Contained in the reservoir of the modelling head, the essential oils are automatically deposited on the skin optimizing the performance of the treatment.


The peripherals lights allow direct visualization of the depression power and brightening up the care.

The Watermass range

Independent module

Independent module

A relaxing and slimming spa care


  • It combines the benefits millennia warm water and essential oils to an efficient and pleasant modelling.
  • Dimensions : 48 x 16 x 114(h) cm

Watermass Table

Watermass Table

This new high-tech equipment combines the principle of Watermass integrated into a specific treatment table of adjustable height to optimize the ergonomics of the care.


  • Dimensions : L 2.19 x P 0.89 m x adjustable height  of 0.65 to 0.85 m
  • Energy supply: 0.5 kW single phase 230V + T

Combined Watermass d'IME

Combined Watermass d'IME

The ideal combination of Watermass table and effusion shower with recycled water LE D’IME: optimized ergonomics, space saving, water saving, lower investment.


  • 2 treatments in only 1 unit), customized treatment protocols combining the advantages of modelling in warm water and palpate-roll
  • Dimensions: L 2.19 x P 0.89 m x adjustable height  of 0.65 to 0.85 m
  • Energy supply: 4.5 kW single phase 230V + G

Combined Watermass Hydromel

Combined Watermass Hydromel

Floating bed, by immersion mobile platform for body wrap.


  • 1 unit = 2 treatments
  • Peripheral discharge spout and hand shower
  • Dimensions : L 2,31 x P 1,07 x H 0,78 m



Watermass, slimming care with warm water and essential oils

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